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In a lesbian couple though both of you are girls, one of you always takes a step forward. This one partner is like the caring, protecting and dominating like a guy. Even at bed this partner is more dominant like in case of normal couples wherein the man generally leads. When it comes to planning date the more active and dominant person from the two of you would generally be more excited and plan a perfect date for the other person and eventually for the two of you. When you take so many efforts to make that first date very perfect, we decided to help you with it by some first date dating tips.

A lesbian couple is no crime, bit still there are some people who like to make fun of such couples. You definitely not want to spoil your evening. Choose a place where you could spend the time in peace. A classy place will not have a crowd that would spoil your evening. Besides a beautiful romantic location will get you into the right mood.

A date is never perfect without a gift. Some beautiful flowers, soft toys, chocolates, etc. are something that girls love. High on budget jewelry is what you can use to woo her. Get a right gift for her. Know her choices, likes and dislikes and get the right gift for her.

When on date never starve your date. If you know her choices, you place an order before she says. Place that order with the staff and tell them at what time should they get the food.

A background music always is advisable to make glitch menace instagram mob fortune the environment more romantic. Some soft music and no hip hop or pop.

Use these simple tips to plan a perfect first date for your beloved. Express your love to her and make her fall for you.

Varieties in clothing helps an individual to really identify himself, a single kind of clothing cannot imply on every person so every single person wears according to his own personality and mood. That's how new and latest fashion trends emerge, you don't know by using your mind and creativity you can be the next fashion icon too. People dress accordingly, according to the weather, according to the trend, according to their surrounding and according to their mood. There is always something different about each and every one of ours clothing, nothing can always be the same and that shows how our minds really work. Even if we have the same apparel we carry it much differently.

United States is a place of much diversity and population density. We find people of every kind over here, people who belong to different religious and ethnic group reside here. How do we mainly identify them? There is nothing written on anyone's face about his race or culture so we have different types of clothing with us to sort that out. Clothes define us, they bring out the real us in terms of our personality, our nature and our likes and dislikes. Garment is not just a piece of cloth is a walking statement, anyone can almost judge what kind of person we are by our clothing. We have different kind of apparel here in U.S. for example streetwear, hip hop and simple urban clothing which are the basic kind found in this city life.

Streetwear is not just a simple clothing type, it's something that came out historically. Streetwear has its own history of how It overcame gender stereotyping, this kind of fashion is like an all-time hero for the people facing identity problems. Streetwear originated when America was beneath the oppression of sick rich people, and they apparently used to torture and keep the less privileged as slaves. The punks and rocks were seen as rebels and disrespect. That was a sad time where the identity only belongs to the rich and rest were only slaves, the time when women were only seen to wear corsets with dresses and men forced to wear only suits. That's were streetwear really came in, it means street fashion, fashion that originated from the streets and now is the most leading icon in every designers list. It crushed all the stereotyping and gender inequality problems in clothing and gave one code to all. It doesn't have any law to it or any specific pattern to it. Anything, literally anything can be an up to date streetwear outfit.

Hip hop clothing is not a garment at all. It's a voice that was unheard, it was the cries of people facing problems with race and status, it was the struggles of the young but very talented rappers, and it was the shriek of every black person facing racism out there. Hip hop was a table talk, it was a stop to all the negativity but by a very peaceful way, that is fashion and clothes. Hip hop has actually helped all black people find and show their true identity and had such a heavy impact on the imposers even more than the movement of civil rights in 1960s. hip hop originated in the basements of New York city where young rappers and DJs were finding a place in this society. Except of being violent and disrespectful they chose a way of peace and harmony to deliver their style and thoughts and that was the hip hop culture. This kind of clothing is now widely worn among famous celebs it usually consists of baggy pants and shirts or tank tops for women, with hefty hats and chains.

The urban clothes or urban fashion in literal means the fashion that has no bonding of designers and the kind of clothing that changes with the wind, a kind of clothing that has the freedom to change and mend itself in any way it wants too many types of urban clothing is actually adapted by people who face identity problems or are seen as a threat by people such as subcultures. Urban fashion is real fashion; it does not follow any limitations of anyone. It is actually a style that normal people like you and me wear every day.

People oppose and they neglect these kind of garments but why? We were the ones who forced these people to find their identities. We were the racist and we ourselves were the stereotypes who forced our young generation to be rebels and now if they are taking out their protests in a quiet yet empowering way still we are opposing it. These kinds of clothing really bring people close to each other and instead of contributing and being an active part in the agenda of full equality we further push them farther away. These are just sense of clothing and they have nothing to harm anyone. The people who changed themselves for the sake of equality and accepted this fashion statement saw that there is potential, there is potential in each and every one of us to come out and really do something very empowering and different. They saw that how important it is to see the power of equality that brings us close and makes us powerful as an American nation.

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